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May 23, 2015 @ 10:00 AM — by Paul S. Gulbas, M.D
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A young woman smiling contentedly, her vision excellent after LASIK surgery financed through CareCreditAlthough LASIK has been as instrumental as glasses and contact lenses in helping millions of Americans correct their vision, it is still considered an elective procedure under most medical insurance policies. Therefore, most people who undergo LASIK must find a way to pay for it out of their own pockets.

Some people save up for the procedure, setting a little money aside out of each paycheck as they would for a vacation or a second car. Others open a flexible spending account, or FSA, through their employer; this optional benefit program allows employees to set funds aside from their pre-tax income for the sole purpose of covering non-reimbursed medical expenses. Many use a credit card so that they can pay for their procedure up front and simply make monthly payments to the credit card company over time.

At El Paso Eye Surgeons, we offer another financing option to our valued patients. Qualifying patients can apply for LASIK financing through CareCredit® at our El Paso practice. CareCredit® is a third-party financing company that issues credit cards intended specifically to pay for healthcare expenses not covered by conventional medical insurance policies. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you afford premium LASIK surgery without stretching their budgets.

Are you a good candidate for LASIK surgery and CareCredit® financing at El Paso Eye Surgeons? There’s only one way to find out. Come visit our world-class eye care clinic today.

How does CareCredit® work?

CareCredit® isn’t your average credit card. While we at El Paso Eye Surgeons do accept a variety of credit cards, we are proud to be among the eye care clinics that also accept CareCredit®. Unlike conventional credit cards, CareCredit® offers a variety of low- and even no-interest monthly payment plans. You read that right. If you pay for your LASIK surgery in full according to the terms of the agreed-upon promotional period, which we will discuss with you during your initial consultation at our eye care clinic, you will not be charged any interest. CareCredit® also offers numerous low-interest payment plans that allow you to make easily manageable payments over longer periods, all without having to strain your wallet.

Even better, you can use your CareCredit® card as often as you like at qualifying practices on purchases not covered by conventional insurance plans. You can pay for eye care treatments at El Paso Eye Surgeons for you and your entire family, as well as for plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, or even veterinary services wherever CareCredit® is accepted.

The El Paso Eye Surgeons team will help you every step of the way. We want you to be able to afford the exceptional eye care you deserve. Our blade-free, custom LASIK is the safest, most dependable form of laser eye surgery available, and thanks to CareCredit® financing, it is affordable on nearly any budget.

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