LASIK and Glasses Offer Clearer Eyesight to Patients with Vision Impairment

LASIK vs. Glasses - El Paso, TX

Apr 23, 2016 @ 10:00 AM — by Paul S. Gulbas, M.D
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Male wearing glassesThere are millions of Americans who live with some form of vision impairment, but it is highly unusual to find two patients whose vision is affected in exactly the same way. Because each case of vision impairment is unique, it is understandable that treatment will vary from patient to patient as well. There are many factors to consider when it comes to vision treatment. Our experienced eye surgeons offer LASIK to enhance the vision by reshaping the cornea so that light can be properly focused by the eye. This procedure offers an effective and long-term solution for blurry and unfocused vision. However, we understand that LASIK is not the best solution for all patients. Our doctors can help patients consider the pros and cons of glasses and LASIK in order to determine which treatment options is best for their unique situation. To learn more about LASIK vs. glasses, contact our El Paso, TX practice today.


Just about anyone who suffers from vision impairment has had the experience of wearing glasses. Glasses are typically the first line of treatment when it comes to providing patients with clearer vision. While LASIK is quickly evolving into the standard when it comes to vision treatment, there are many patients who still happily rely on glasses. To be fair, glasses do offer patients a number of benefits. Glasses effectively treat vision impairment, and are considered by many to be an affordable and convenient solution for this ailment. In addition, glasses can be easily accommodated to address a patient’s changing vision needs. There are also those who see glasses as a fun way to show off their sense of style.

Although there are benefits offered by glasses, there are also drawbacks to consider. Even though glasses may seem affordable upfront, a lifetime of upkeep (including purchasing new lenses and frames periodically) does add up. And while glasses may be convenient to throw on every morning, they are also easy to lose, increasing the cost of upkeep even more. But, primarily, the most important downfall of glasses is that they don’t really solve the problem of vision impairment. Without those prescription lenses, a patient’s eyesight remains blurry and unfocused. Because of this, most patients eventually tire of wearing glasses and look into more permanent treatment options, such as LASIK.


The overwhelming benefit of LASIK, and the reason it has become such a popular treatment option in a relatively short period of time, is the fact that LASIK actually treats vision impairment. This is not just a solution for masking poor vision, but one that actually restores the eye’s ability to focus images. During this short laser-based surgery, the shape of the cornea is altered to eliminate the imperfections that cause the most common forms of vision impairment, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. After treatment, most patients achieve 20/20 vision or better. This allows most patients to completely eliminate the need for prescription lenses, offering the ultimate degree of freedom and convenience.

The benefits of LASIK are obvious, but, just as with glasses, there are some drawbacks for patients to consider. Not all patients are LASIK candidates. Although LASIK is an ideal solution for most patients over the age of 18 who have had a steady vision prescription for at least a year, there are some conditions (such as thin corneas) that may rule out this option. Our doctors are happy to perform a screening to determine if a patient is a good candidate for LASIK.

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At El Paso Eye Surgeons, we have the best interests of our patients at heart. While LASIK offers a number of outstanding benefits, we understand that it is not the right option for all patients. However, if you’ve been considering LASIK, you owe it to yourself to find out if you are an ideal candidate for treatment. To learn more about the LASIK procedure and if it is right for you, contact us at your earliest convenience.