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Crystalens® Can Deliver Crystal Clear Vision to Cataract Patients

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Crystalens® intraocular lenses (IOLs) have allowed thousands of cataracts patients to see the world with renewed clarity. During cataract surgery, your diseased lens is replaced with an artificial lens. This type of premium lens mimics your eye’s natural lens to provide incredibly clear vision, correcting the effects of your cataract while also overcoming presbyopia - the age-related condition which makes it difficult to see close up. This unique combination greatly reduces or altogether eliminates the need for corrective eyewear. Drs. Paul S. Gulbas and Mark J. Gallardo can provide you with outstanding care during a Crystalens® implantation procedure at our El Paso practice. Contact us today to learn more.

A Safe, Effective Technology

Crystalens® IOLs stand alone in their ability to bend and flex easily, much like the movements of your eye's natural lens. Crystalens® is one of the few accommodating lenses on the market, allowing the eye to focus on both near and far objects without additional corrective eyewear. Crystalens® is a safe technology approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and has an impressive record of helping patients achieve 20/20 vision.

Cataracts and You

Patients whose vision has been compromised by cataracts are typically great candidates for Crystalens®. Older individuals with hyperopia (trouble seeing close up) and age-related presbyopia especially benefit from Crystalens®, although the advantages can be reaped by patients of any age who have cataracts due to an eye injury, genetics, certain medications, and other factors. The best way to determine your candidacy is to have one of our experienced eye specialists conduct a thorough eye examination.

The Crystalens® Procedure

Receiving your Crystalens® IOL is a convenient and virtually painless procedure. It is typically performed on an outpatient basis. After you are made comfortable with anesthetic, your procedure will begin with the creation of a micro-incision at the edge of the cornea. The compromised lens will be removed through this incision and the Crystalens® IOL will be placed. The entire procedure can easily fit into your busy schedule - it usually lasts less than fifteen minutes. The surgical incision is self-healing and your doctor will check for any signs of complications during follow-up visits. 

A Quick, Easy Recovery

Our Crystalens® patients can expect their recovery to be straightforward and free of discomfort thanks to our surgical skill that minimizes disruption to the eye's delicate tissues. We recommend that our patients rest for at least a few hours immediately following their surgery. You will also be provided with a prescription for medicated eye drops to help with any irritation.

The vast majority of patients can return to work and driving within a few days, although it is advised that you refrain from activities that increase blood pressure, or potentially create pressure within the eyes, for slightly longer. The positive effects of the procedure should become most apparent several weeks after surgery. Once healing is complete, a large number of Crystalens® patients can see clearly at near, intermediate, and far distances without the need for bifocals or reading glasses.

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